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Musings by RW Elephant about running a successful Niche Event Rental Business

Accounting For Lifespan in your Rental Pricing

As a rental business, you’re competing with everyone from the rental shop around the corner to the DIY dad who can build it himself, the store that sells the product outright, and everything in between.… Read more

Less is more: Offer Your Customers Fewer Options

The best museum curators are picky. They don’t hand out wall space to any artist who sends them a portfolio. Curators are thoughtful about the content they provide to their patrons. They only show the best. In addition, they are thoughtful about how and when they exhibit particular work.… Read more

How to be an Excellent Rental Company

Starting out in the event industry, I was very green. I liked planning parties. I knew I had a creative bent and an organizational side. At some point in college a skills assessment test indicated I should become a florist. The event industry seemed like a good fit. I just needed some experience.… Read more

Become Redundant

Today, I had to go to the post office. I initially planned to walk (the nearest post office is a half mile from my house) but as the afternoon approached 5 pm, I made a last minute change of plans… Read more

The Networking Webs We Weave

In 2004, back when I was an invitation designer, I started the daunting task of networking within the wedding industry. I headed out to an Association of Bridal Consultants meeting in Los Angeles and began meeting strangers… Read more

Recommended Reading

While I’m not big on making New Year’s resolutions, I do like to harness the motivation I have at the beginning of the year. With everyone talking about fresh starts, their juice diet, and how much they sweat today, I do feel a little interested in making changes.… Read more

Defining your Target Rental Market

If you’ve got a pile of ice skates lying around, you might decide to start renting them out. A logical thing to do might be to take your blades on over to a frozen pond, set up a shack, and try to convince passers-by to strap ’em on for a glide on the ice… Read more

2013 - The New Frontier

The beginning of the year tends to be a time of reflection. You evaluate what worked and what didn’t in your rental business over the last year. You set goals that will define your success over the coming months.… Read more

Turning Bad into Good: A Lesson in Customer Service

A few years ago, I started shopping at Fresh & Easy, a grocery store chain that was springing up all over southern California. It had just opened in my neighborhood and quickly earned a reputation for being inexpensive yet high in quality… Read more